Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sorry IIM -Indore!!!!!!!

June 28 ,Evening 7 p.m : I get a call from IIM-i admission office ,that they have offerd me provisional admission and asked for my confirmation b4 10: a.m next day. Joining date is told as 30 th june. How characteristic of anIIM

10 p.m : My parents may ostracize me for thinking to decline the offer n instead pursuing the job offer i have got from Trilogy. After some really harsh debate, they tell me they will wait for my decision in the morning and go to sleep

" this guy is damn overconfident, he has gone to nuts"...was my dad's good night wish

12 p.m---i write on the sheet which i put in my room telling my parents about my plan for next day n when to wake me up:
" MY decision is : I will go to TRILOGY"

2:30 p.m---Unable to sleep, n pondering over all the rhetoric i've heard on the IIMs debate
I get up n strike out TRILOGY. write IIM-i instead

2.35 p.m----- TRILOGY is bak there....though sad outside but i am happy inside
The next morning my parents dont wake me up.........

Life is full of twists n turns. What it is going to unfold the next second, no one knows.
Well all this happened, when i had shut down & put locks on my MBA dream and decided to opt for a techie career for a while, I got an admission offer from IIM-indore.
At this moment, I would say that i did feel cheated when i did not saw my name in the first lists they put out. Indore interview did went as one of the bettre interviews.
But then you can never say abt an interview which way it went..

Well in India, IIMs are such coveted institutes that an admission offer from them is seen as a blessing from heaven.
So, was i pushed up by my parents, relatives n f riends of relatives tat" beta, aankh band har ke iim chale jao". First you have a degree, u complete ur studies,by 22 you would be an MBA, think of the position.....and then competition is increasing dayby day.
True, the last of them was the only thing which i pondered upon during the i gud enough to beat the competition and will i remain times the mind answered yes, of course...n at times it said ," dont fall in stupid comparisons n thoughts, a chance has been thrown up at you..grab it with both hands".
Vell my answer was....yes, i shud not go gor ne stupid competition but then i shud have the courage to test myself again the best in th country and if i dont have it in me then i wont have ne
advantage whatever degree i pursue from whatever institute of fame.

My reasons to leave IIM-i can be:
1. Alternatives i had: I think i'l be able to make a career with Trilogy. If everything goes well then i will have a solid skillset and personality under my belt a few years down the line not just a couple of degrees which the world recognises
2. A bold decision: I personally wanted to get some hands-on experience before doin my MBA. If i am able to achieve waht i have planned for myself such a decision is going to boost my confidence by zillion tonnes
3. IIM-indore is not any bad, but somewhere i believe i would like myself to be in a more competing environment of some more acclaimed IIMs

The drama is over, people would judge my success/failure by the things i achieve now, but i already feel succesful having done waht my mind said i would do best , having the confidence to do something different and the will to test my capabilities on the lathe machine called life.



Monday, June 20, 2005

The FountainHead

raed this book lately. it has forced me to ask several questions to myself- the sole purpose of my life? who am i? why i m here on this planet earth? what i wud like to achieve?........why we crave for achievements?why we need recognition......are we really different individuals or just second-handers, just a collection of adjectives fading in & out, reflections of what ppl feel about us....& so on

shoud we as humans, behave just as different spokes of the same wheel or shoud we defy everyone else and just follow our instincts,aims, desires n talents. Shud we care to get a happy n peaceful life or fight it out to add something to the world as it is 'now'. What should be the purpose in our life- money,fame,friends,position,fulfilment of our desires or just be able to do what we feel is right, that one work which would add to the current world

the world has put a veil on our eyes about what is good or bad...n we follow tat. everyday we run blindly in the pursuit of waht wud make us a better person according to those definitions. we crave for a better image......we give up certain traits of our personality, we give up our interests , we give up our ideas n we call it growth....

we see ourselves as mere reflections....other people act as mirrors

The author protagonises a student expelled from a sought after university of arts for he followed things as they interested him n let go others. He needs no money, no friends , no support , no emotions, in his life ....just the ability to make buildings as he wants them to be. He is hated, despised,detested,punished....for his works but he insensately, emotionlessly bear out thes odds n emerges as winner against the powerful.

But reality is always bitter than fiction.
Wud such a person survive in our society?he will be belated, criticised, ostracized ......n made either to give up his beliefs, ideals,ideas ...or his life.

If i have to rate this book, i always hated this type of buk....( i had picked it a couple of times before n cud not go beyond pg 15)
....da font,da sheer size, da cumbersome sstoryline....... Ayn , u can write a buk in a better way.
But the queries which it manifests , the theme the author has chosen , the dichotomy which it depicts, the oprtrayal of characters it is certainly worth eulogies. And As the author himself says, every story should written for its purpose not for aesthtic details vich other seek from it.

The message is cryatal-clear, it hits you deep below ur heart,mind & soul.....the questions still remain unanswered though.