Monday, September 29, 2008

The Beach at Cannes

The beautiful boy playing with the ball
Behind the dog, occasionaly taking a stroll
Jumping and splashing up water
Building castles and making merry
Running behind the pigeons to make them fly

Grows up and swims far in the water
And picks up a friendly fight
Jogs across the beach to see the chics

When he finds his honeymoon mate
Sits, Loves and makes imprints
Enjoys a ride in the yatch
While the Chinese walk with a guide
His psyche thinks of the boy and the dog

And grows his hair white
He then spends hours playing the poker
And see the child do a somersault.
Drinking his favorite brand of wine,
He comes there to see the October sky
and sit with the pigeons he once used to fly...

-Anuj Lakhotia