Friday, July 02, 2010

Asking for more

koi hulchul jo thehre thoda aur
kuch arrzoo jo tarsaaye thoda aur

ek mazaak jo hansaye thoda aur
ek dost jo saath chootne par rahe thoda aur

aankh jo sapne sajaye har raat
bin mausam ke ho jaaye jo barsaat

ek kahani jo le mod thode aur
ek lahu jo khaule thoda aur

ek jaam jo nasha rakhe barkarar
bade roj thoda aur; aisa ek pyaar

ek dil jo dhadke ek dhadkan tej
ek zindagi jo zinda rahe har roj

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Prince of Persia

Rating : Go for it 7 -8 out of 10 . Light and Fun

Likes: Gemma Arteron screen presence, Jake Gyllenhaal character and persona, setting of various scenes, few side characters esp. the guy taking care of ostrich race, few fight scenes

Average : Storyline

Dialogue: What is right needs to be done w/o fear of consequences.
The bond of brothers is the sword that is defense of the kingdom

Particular element : The sands of time that when released reverses time hold in a dagger. The naming of the protagonist Dastan meaning Champion in Persian and the character hassasin.

It is good to have a bigger role for her than seen in The Clash of Titans where her beauty was equally majestic.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Talking to a loved one after a long time

तेरे इंतज़ार में जल जाता हूँ
तुझसे मिलकर पिघल जाता हूँ, बह जाता हूँ
दीवाना हूँ , परवाना हूँ
शमा तेरी दीवानगी में ज़िन्दगी जी जाता हूँ !

तू प्यास हैं , बादल हैं , बरसात हैं ,
तू पवन हैं , खुशबु हैं , सांस हैं
तू धड़कन हैं , जुबान हैं , जज्बात हैं
इस मुसाफिर और तेरी जो यह मुलाक़ात हैं
ज़िन्दगी भर की एक सौगात हैं !

आज दिल को निचोड़ना चाहा हैं
किश्ती को साहिल पार ले जाना चाहा हैं
खुद को तुझमे भूलना चाहा हैं
जैसे धरती को सावन से मिलाना चाहा हैं |

बेपनाह प्यार का एक मज़ा हैं
फनाह होने का एक मज़ा हैं
रब की यही रजा हैं
की मोहब्बत ज़िन्दगी का मज़ा हैं |

Friday, April 23, 2010

Euphoria is bad, Depression is good :)- As leading indicators

Figure: Sentiment cycle of an Investor

One of my humble opinions (OMHO) is that "Pursuit is life"- which can be seen as a timeline to seek answers to the questions that interests us. These answers or insights originate from first hand or borrowed experiences. The questions and experiences remain interesting as long as what we do and whom we are with remain interesting.

Wearing another hat (WAH) -Pursuit may be driven by fear which is driven by the need to survive instead of being driven by interests. It is also limited by capability of the person and systems of the world.

In the Big Picture (ITBP), which of the sentiment from the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is driving is (less important) < than the awareness about the sentiment and the ability to drive the driver.

Moving to the central point (MCP), the image intrigues me - specifically the denial, panic, despondency and the relief sentiments- people may not clearly identify these transitory sentiments.

Money drives the world except for a penny population. The same or a modified sentiment cycle can also manifest in pursuit of other goals/answers/experiences.

Go drive the drivers.

Anuj Lakhotia

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Twenty Five and Something

ला ला ला ला , ला ला
पलकों पे
सपने ले
घर से जो चले हम
हुई एक
कहानी शुरू !

हँसते खिलते
बड़ते हम
बनते सजते
महफिलों के रंग
दोस्तों से मिलें ऐसे हम
बूंदों से बूँदें मिलकर
जैसे बारिश बनती बढती रहे !

मेहनत में हो कर गुम
पाते खुद को हम
मंजिल जाने बगैर
पानी से बहें हम
राहे यूँ ही बनती बदलती रहे !

हारें भी
जीतें भी
गिरते संभलते हम
रोयें भी
नाचें भी
खुल कर जीयें हम
सूरज की किरणों से
हर सवेरो को हम
यूँही चमकते रहे !

प्यार भी करते हम
जचें भी कुछ को हम
सितम भी सहे हम
पर साथी बने ही कम
बच्चे की तरह दिल को
बुद्धू बना कर हम
यूँही मुहब्बत लुटाते रहे !

गीतों में
यादें भर
सरगम जो गाये हम
कहानी यूँही बनती बढती रहे !

हमारी अधूरी कहानी , हा हा हा हा, हा हा

Wanted to hum something. Conscious Inspiration from Lucky Ali and Silkroute. Will be happy for suggestions to make it more hummable. Happy with this though :)

Anuj Lakhotia

Saturday, April 10, 2010

World GDP per capita and Life Expectancy over last 200 years

I landed on and happened to compare the world countries progression over the last 200 years.

This one presentation from Hans Roling on TED is pretty funny and summarises some of the things i saw with the tools on the website.

The world average life span is expected to rise in the coming years. But, I do not see world focusing on creating 'stuff' to give meaning and fun to those extended years. The average income is increasing, the average consumption is increasing, the average wasteful consumption is increasing and the average disillusionment with the world activities has also increased.

For, India it would take 30-40 years to have the income levels matching the developed countries The progress of countries over the years indicate that it would continue being difficult for India and China with their large populations to provide higher standards of living for their diaspora.

Chasing those income levels is possible by competing continuously or outsmarting peer population if we have decided to live in India. Sounds like a ' keep running' way to live life . This is a disillusionment with India of people who have experienced better quality of life and work life abroad for few years.

Carefully Directing consumption from the increased income levels to satisfy and grow on path of your interests, chase your passions, test your capabilities, fulfil your desires and leave a better world for your next generations can be the way to live life. Desiring international standards across the breadth of country is futile.

Friday, April 02, 2010


सावन हमें अकेले भिगो गया कल रात में ,
बादल एक रंग का हो गया बिछड कर बरसात से !
हँसे, खेले, नाचे हम पुरे गुजरात में ,
दूर तुझसे, तेरी निगाहों से, तेरे साथ से
हसीं लम्हे जहन में बसें बिना ही गुजर गए ऐसे हालात में !

It was raining and I was drenched wet after an hour of badminton. Continued my playful mode in the rains. Wrote a stanza after sipping the Nescafe 3 in 1 instant coffee looking at the clear skies

Marmalade, Mont Kiara

It makes my day every time I go to this place Marmalade for lunch which supposedly offers me very little for very high prices. I see these beautiful people, specifically beautiful , adorable women in their middle years lost in their worlds, their own beauty, their kids, thier food, their gossip but lost to something interesting and their worries lost in their smiles lost in the lost things they are lost in. I often pick a local newspaper, a car magazine or at times a woman magazine all of which transfers me to a different world as I relish my honey dipped chicken salad with avocados and raisins. I like the red sofas, the painting on the wall, at times the soothing music and the smile which I remember used to work over there during my initial visits.Thanks Marmalade you exist and in my perspective you offer me so much by taking something of little value.

Anuj Lakhotia

Sunday, January 17, 2010

17 Jan 2010

Apocalypse it happened
he had been waiting for it
for so so long
with his arms outstretched

Life raised its ugly pangs today
it had been good
for days, for weeks, for months and
for more than a year now

In its tsunami, it swept
Much of what he felt was good
Peace of mind was first to fall
Then blowed away his progress
his work he prided in
his money he saved
his meaningful way to work in the world

Standing naked after the tide
what was left was
a few friends who stuck by
his goodwill he had created for years
And a smiling grin which he always wears

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

More and Less

I laugh less
I work more
I play less
I gym more
I am angry less
Am calm more

I express less
I think more
I feel less
I reason more
I appreciate less
I want more

I am a man less
A machine more
Have Brothers less
Enemies more
I create less
I consume more
I distribute less
I accumulate more

I sleep less
Have dreams more
I fly less
I walk more
I spend less
I save more

I call less
I tweet more
I know myself less
Google world more
Am myself less
Am the world more

I love less
I hate more
I live less
I die more

-Anuj Lakhotia

Pool Side

Woke up early this morning and wrote this sitting on the pool side bench..few thoughts.

मोर पंख को लहू में डुबाता हैं,
पाटी पर निशाँ क्यों नहीं आता हैं !
कोई समझा दो उसे,
उस दिल का खून सफ़ेद हो जाता हैं,
दर्द और प्यार जहां लुप्त हो जाता हैं !

पानी को लगा चाँद उसके अन्दर हैं,
पत्थर ने प्रतिबिम्ब बेध कर सच प्रदर्शाया
चाँद को सितारों के साथ चलना हैं !
पानी को पत्थर के साथ बहना हैं !
प्रतिबिम्ब = reflection

आगे बढ़ने के ख्यालों में,
सपने पीछे छूट गयें !
ऊँचे उठने की दौड़ में ,
दोस्त नीचें छूट गयें !

-Anuj Lakhotia