Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Lately, I have been debating with myself the advantages of being a contrarian.
A contrarian is a person who would generally do things which will be directly opposite
of the common man perception.
It all started with me always getting up late in my bed. Compensating for that,I have been doing
all things in my life with a lag or as I say a headstart if you see it as the next day
Travelling at 9:00 in morning is such a pain. Everyone rushing to their offices, the traffic is huge
You will see Infosys buses here in bangalore one after another. It can sometimes take more than 5 minutes just to cross the road. Eh!
The story is same at night time if you plan to leave office at usual 7:00 p.m in the evening

On my usual time coming to office at 1:00 p.m , the traffic is generally smoother, execpt for occasional days.
And while leaving office at 12:00 or 1:00 in the nite, you have an awesome ride on the
bike. You get totally refreshed by the time you reach home.

As one of my friend says, we should look forward to have some offices & markets opened
during night times and ya will see it as an automatic remedy to the prevailing traffic problem

One can argue that to beat the traffic one can start even more earlier say 8:00

I suffered the consequences of trying that approach. I came out of my place looking for somewhere to have a good breakfast but alas, it was too early for the restaurants to open.
Never mind, i ate something in the Office pantry to satiate my appetite. But now i am sitting
in office at 11:00 extremely hungry waiting for lunch time like anything.
Man, why did i start so early??

Same thing happens when ya will go for lunch as soon as it begins. Huge crowds will throng the
cafetaria. Ppl can sit outside & have lunch but they wont like coming a bit later.

When i go to play lawn-tennis on weekends, if one goes early morning one will always find
ppl arguing over court-space & time to play. You spent more time arguing than playing.
But if you wake up at 12. Have a light breakfast and go around to play at 2:00 you will
find it a deserted place. Coz it is the official time to have lunch in India while morning is the official time to go for jogs n sports. Thanks to Bangy weather u can play comfortably at that time until u drop. Man, i am a contrarian.

On weekends, evry1 would like to go to the same restaurant n maals to have their dinner.
One does not have a problem of a 1 hr waiting time at PizzaHut rather than finding out a good restaurant somewhere nearby.

You will see junta standing in queues infront of PVR carrying their movie tickets. Thatz because
on the ticket that particular hall No. is mentioned. Why cant one look for a lesser-crowded
hall, make an entry and use the lobby to move to his desired hall.
Ah , is it the difference between the educated n the callous class...
Nope yaar, it z just observing the environment around yourself. Thats it!!!

Cmon yaar, right now right here i see ppl queued up in front of the printer.Today, is the day to submit your phone bills for reimbursement. Oh, still another queue outside the bill submission
room.The person will be here till evening but as the forest-fire spreads , this thing also spread
and it is the first thing evry1 wants to do. Thanks to this post, by the time i complete it
i wud submit my bills relatively hassle-free.

I sometimes travel in bus just to re-inforce in my life that life is not as rosy as it seems and just
to have a feel of life of a common lacalite. When i take bus from a major bus-stand, one will often
see ppl josting in thru that small gate to get in just for that lucky seat.Often i have seen that there are not enough ppl and so if you can wait for the initial crowd to subside you can
enter bus painlessly n still manage a seat.

Well, one can say that I came here at 9:00 , n hence i got the time to write this post but again man, that was a contrary thing. My team had a night-out yesterday & no-one was to be gonna
here early in the morning.
Just some observations n ur life will seem much more smooth,much easier n less painful
Are ya all looking around??

Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Trip


It all started on a Friday night,
Undefined Paths,Defined Destinations
With a sense of joy,mind filled with pride,
Eight Punters took it in their stride

A trip to Pondicherry was it,
To welcome the year that was knocking
And bid farewell to the one that was going,
2005 had been memorable we all said...
But none knew what was still in store
In The left 25 hours of da annee
We all had lived a different life
The memories of which will eternally remain ripe.........

As Usual I want to write the " Travelogue" for this trip. And again as usual, am late to do so
Distractions,Diversions,Commitments.......will still find some time to update this.

Till then, the onus of penning down the memories lies on some more responsible mortals
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Pics as usual :