Sunday, September 09, 2012

Dam Square, Amsterdam

Into my yonder you flow
You charmed me years back
Was I free and clean then
Or were you untouched,sublime

I soak you in my eyes again
And I breathe you in me
Why the spirit of meadows and the bridges
Do not incense this city square

Wouldn't my mind yet fly
Or my heart soar
As rush fills in the moments
the love within
the beauty around

I sit by In a cafe in your heart
Cyclist in shorts and suits
With kids and hockey sticks
cycle by
Striking shades of tourists
delight my eye
Soil of my mind is tilled,churned
Clouds of happy memories jog by
Tulips of smiles they harvest by.

Karma they say is a bitch
Bewitches and asks for new charms
For these moments of repose
Raise your Heinken.
Bid the water boats Good bye.

O land - 
To all birds that pass by thou,Feed them grains that are cheerful 'n' free
When thee fly to other lands, thee shall paint the Sunflower fields.

Scene : I was trying to come up with a few words to describe the beauty of Amsterdam and they were not coming and then the above lines poured out..

Anuj Lakhotia