Sunday, December 25, 2005

Happy Christmas


Well, You would be expecting me to write Jingle bells over here..
Above is the version which can be played on guitar by an amateur even.
So, go ahead ....if you have a guitar in hand.

Hope Santa fulfils all your wishes!!!!

ps: The above tablature is for the line
Jingle Bells,Jingle bells, Jingle all the way

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Two Birthday Theory (unleashed)

"Today is Lakhotia's birthday.Guys, bumps....lets kick some ass....hard". This is how I remember memories of my last birthday. Those were the hostel days when someone bithday would mean all the hosteliers getting a free-chance to kick a guys back-bottom with things varying from bathroom slippers to leather boots , bisleri bottles and finally dragging him on the ground.

Things as weird as throwing water, beer or drowning the guy in mud would be some of the things the birthday boyhad to go through before treating a group of gourmands at the local dhaba.(Budget,everyone remembers the coll.. days)

Some of my older memories include me getting a full-blown round of bumps and then being thrown awy on the main road(yes, lookin bak it looks pretty cruel. But that was partially because this date generally collided with the end/or near-end of endsemester exams in my college.And one knows how desperately ppl want to vent out their frustration at the end of those gory enginering endsems.I have suffered quite a blows in atleast two years in my coll. And yes these guys demanded a treat after giving thier share on the day.

The memories from the childhood though are much pleasant .I would generally wait for a gift
promised by my parents (a gift better than my younger brother whose birthday would have
gone couple of months back!!!)and then an outing to the favourite ice-cream parlour.

Officially I turn 21 today.But I wont say thiat Iam celebrating my twenty-first birthday.It could be anything between 21 and 42.Well the reasons behind that are pretty funny.My birth certificate shows myDOB as 7th Dec 1984. but all my chacha-chachis,tauji n all sayi was born on Nov 7 and due to some reasons the birthdate on my certi got messed up. I do not blame anyone rather i used to enjoy this paradox. I used to celebrate on these dates alternatively. But as one grows up, things get forgotten and i start getting confused remembering the date .Morover, the ppl who got ot know this fact started taking multiple treats from me. This world is so mean!!!!!!!!

Nowdays, i celebrate 7th Nov with my family and 7th Dec with my school,coll,company friends.
Ppl say that as you grow old you lose the charm of celebrating birthdays. But now i feel
more happy for this paradox.I have two days officially where i feel happy , to look forward into my life,to party and cut through life's unnecessary frets & troubles and feel close to myself.
Another thing is that you can separatley give time to family and friends.And yes, when you have a demanding girlfriend then you dont need to give your family excuses either :)
I feel happy for all those officials who messed up the date in my certificate.Thank you guys!!

Cool Facts:
Here are things that are related to the same date
7the December 1941: Japanese attackedthe Pearl harbour, getting US into World War II
7th December 1972: Apollo17, last Apollo mission was launched
7th December 1984: Birth of Prince of WonderLand
7th Dcember 2006: Bill Gates is releasing Windows Vista

Happy Birthday to me!!!!

ps: As i write this i have already had my GPL session. Thanks to my DCX team, TU2k5 guys
and my flatmates.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Night On the Beach

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Trip Down Memory Lane

White sand beaches, exotic natural beauty, people revelling, lots of booze around, para-gliding, cruises, water-scooter, trance- music flowing through your veins,nothing but the sky line and the sea-side to be seen around......doesnt need to take the name, one can gues what place i am talking about in India
Three days in such a setting & you suddenly start feeling life is so good & why there are only 24 hours in a day.Life suddenly starts looking rosy...

Wanted to write more about this trip to GOA. Some other day... The pics are there to be seen @
Caution: You wil droll around your bed if you watch those pics for long

In What Kind of Clothes Do You Like Amisha Patel

"Aap Amisha Patel ko Kaise Kapdoon mein dekhna pasand karte hain ?"

A. Indian Wear
B. Western Wear

What will be your choice
SMS your choice to Amishaji at 676366. Obviously when you see such a poll, the one thing which comes to your mind is ........okie, i am not talking about the choice "No wear" . We all think what kind of crap/rotten polls are making their way into our society. More so, with the polls you get to see pictures with Amisha wrapeed in sarees (God knows, from what angle do they look sarees) and alongside her bare-dare attire in Western clothing. If you havent had a chance & would like to see one before zeroing on a choice, or just want to have fun by watching one , call your cable operator to get ZOOM tv .
Also happened to saw one of the shows i liked Coffe With KARAN with Bipasha basu coming in those Mandira-Bedi like blouses( she could have taken a lesson , but als, females,....)So she had only one hand for her disposal, as her lefty hand was constantly being used to tie that noodle-strap on her left shoulder.It really needed a mans heart(klike Karan's ) to interviw a person in that posture
Television or better its moniker, boob-tube,is becoming boring day - by day. There ere the K,K2,K3 serials all emanating some diweali emotions. It was sick to get a glance of all that while surfing channels.
Meanwhile, did got a chance to watch India-SriLanka one dayer. It was pretty refreshing to see an exciting series with India being one of the sides. The exuberance of Dhoni, the return of the master-blaster, the humility of Dravid and the fielding of the current Indian side was a welcome break from all the monotonous things on the CRT.
I really missed watching television for the last three months, but coming bak it i nonly realised that it were the only Govinda movies or those sort of things which I had missed.
I just wish that the Television stream soon gets converged to my computer screen. Waiting for the days when it happens in India. I getting undiluted, uninterrupted,unscheduled feed of my favourite programs, videos at the click of mouse. The technology for that has arrived long before.... just waiting for some pioneers to take it to the next stage

All you channel-feeds, are you hearing??

Monday, October 17, 2005


Took a day off from the jo & wrote this, my first ever poem.....


Ek pari hai jo sapno mein aati hai,
Aakar halke se dil ko loobhati hai,
pehle chup-chup rehti hai,
phir surkh hothon se kuch-kuch kehti hai

Haath thaamkar vo le chalti hai,mujhe kisi aur duniya mein,
jahan na din hai aur na raat hai,
Bas uski aur meri, yeh mulakat hai
Uske aanchal ki thandak,uske haathon ki narmi,
Ujle-ujle chehre par uski vo maasum muskaan
Thandi hawaaon ke jhonke deti uski vo lehrati julphen,
pyaar ke un chand palon mein vo,
Dil mein kuch karne ki chah jagaati hai
Ek pari hai jo sapno mein aati hai

Apni batoon se mujhe behlana,
Kabhi khamoshiyon se bahut kuch keh jaana,
Na gussa,Na krodh,Na kalesh, Na dvesh,
Manav ka yeh roop jab vo mujhe dikhlati hai,
Ek behter insaan banaa jaati hai
vo pyaar se uska mujhe samjhana,
meri kamiyon ka mujhe chupchaap ehsaas karana,
hazaroon haar ko meri bhoolkar,
meri ek jeet mein uska khush ho jaana
Har raat, vo phir se jeene ki iccha jagaati hai,
Ek pari hai jo sapno mein aati hai


Disclaimer : DreamGirl ek khwaab nahi,ek ehsaas hai
kyonki khwab to hote hi hain tutne ki liye

So, my blog i fulfilled one of my wishes i told u last time. Just wish that there are many more
poems to come from my pen, or rather my keyboard :D

Movies watched this week
Mein,meri patni aur woh
Pirates of the Caribbean,Danny the Dog,MarksMan

Monday, October 03, 2005

Latest In Life

Lately , I have been reading lots of blogs & looks like most of them has been part of the madness: Seven Things I want to do or Seven Things I like or Seven things to do b4 i die & so on.....

Wonder why people are so obsessed with the number 7. May be it is something natural..
7 colours of the Rainbow
7 pheris before a wedding
7 days in a week
7 wonders of the world
7 oceans, 7 segment display
the first word which children write with ease
7 Samundar Par,7 musical notes
the number of days until you die, after watching the Cursed Video Tape in the Movie RING

Lots can be said about the significance of number 7, one thing which supersedes them all is
gues.....well 7 is my birth date :)

I would try to write 7 things that happened lately in my life

My project at Trilogy went live today. It is a innovating service which plans to help
people to slash their mobile bills. As a baby , it has started showing RBV(real business value, for the unitiated) and people are already getting hooked to the service.
It is really amazing : how even a simple idea can excite users & bring some good business
At the company anyone who has heard the idea has become a fan .
Right from the CEO to Vice-President(Products) to other company big-wigs ,whoever has
heard the idea has appreciated,applauded & appraised it.
It is great & fun to work for an idea like this
If you havent checked out the site for yourself get going here:

Orkut Link Just started using this networking service few months before and the network count has
rocketed to a half-century.
This site helps me to remain in touch with my school/college and other friends whom i mite
lose contact over the years. And yes, the 50th friend who added me is a special one too.
GUBS or Gaurav Bansal- This guy was among my good friends when I was after a bird called
IIT-JEE . He went to IIT-D and we lost contact from then on. After 4 years of completing
our engg.. he finally caught up with me.
And it was even more lovely to know that he is having a rocking lifetime at University Of Michigan, U.S.A doing his P.H.d
If you havent added me yet here is your opportunity : Orkut id- anujlakhotia

Bank Account reaches 6 figures

Yes, I got my third salary at Trio. And yes it is heartening that within 3 months my total earnings have reached the magical 6 digits. Let us see how much it takes to cross the next
milestone 1,00,00,00..... :D

R.K's Blog
(Your financial Advisor) Inez -Finserve
I met this guy on a table-tennis table & was gasping with the talk i had with him then.
6 months later when i joined Trilogy, I found this guy leaving the company and starting
up his own innovation. This time i got to know more about him and was down on my knees
listening to his ideas.
This guy is gonna great places in life & i am lucky to know a person like him.
Have a look at his writings, musings ,insights & favourite posts and you too
will tag him for sure

TU graduation is week away

The end of TU is nearing. With it , it will be the end of terrifying/inhuman days i have experienced in
my life. But at the same time ,i also feel that it will be end of some halcyon days spent with some real great
ppl with an opportunity & responsibility never given before. It mite be end of those lovely bar nites
where u loved to get drowned. I think that these have been among the best days of my life till date .
I will write about the emotional outpour when it happens ...(wait for the next week)

Movies Watched

Hazaar Khwaisen Aisi, Sarkar,Viruddh,Mangal Pandey

GirlNextDoor,PhoneBooth,Notting Hills,EuroTrip ( Bold :Must Watch)

My Wishlist (in near future)

#I plan to visit the IIM-b festival Vista
So , that i could catch up with some college & some net-friends
#Buy a new cell-phone for myself
Need sth which have mp3 player & has functionality for getting songs from my desktop
Shit, there is not much variety available in the CDMA phones
#Watch some more movies(which has been left behind)
#I have also made a personal commitment to myself
Lemme see how far i go to honour that.
#Write more on my blog ( I know i am not doing enough justice to it)
#Complete a poem (my first) which i started when i was feeling very low
But I'l have to be down again for doing that, which doesnt happens that often :)


Saturday, August 06, 2005

Bouncing Back

----> A pic one can remember from childhood days when one used to study History.

This post is being written on a Saturday morning in the office.
@Trilogy, Track Assignments are going on. (for the uninitiated TRACK is the time ven a TUer is made to slog with the sole intent of......u got it, that he remembers it throughout his life)

I just got graded on my second Assignment. Amazingly , i have been slogging really hard but still havent been able to getpar with
my expectations. Starting with the first assignment , my score
was really wud have been probably the lowest among all the 100 guys over here. Another new experience for me as i have generally always found me in da creme-de creme section at other places.

THis post is to record my trajectory. Yes i have had 400% growth in my score frm da last time.( This doesnt tell that how well i did in my second assgn...but instead how poor I did in the first). Sometimes numbers can be really delusive.

I believe after every low there is a high. But sometimes something bad is not as bad as it can be and something gud is not as good as it seems to be. So you never know how much down low you have to go still, or how much high further you can go.

Btw today also marks the day of bombing at Hiroshima. The city wud still be suffering from the travails of that bomb but Japan has definitely bounced back as a developed nation.

Need to go my blog , my first salary is still intact and a call is there to go on a bang, some shopping for the loved ones and ofcourse some for myself

A happy Friendship Day to all of those who get to read this

Yours truly

Thursday, July 21, 2005

FROM anuj@nsit TO anuj@trilogy

It is going to be a culmination of one week here @ TRilogy. The first week in the so called software city of INdia is filled with some really good experiences of my lifetime.

Firstly the city It has been gifted withan awesome weather....but that ends the good things abot the city. WE have an IIM here, companies which have written the Indian software story but ...the city as a whole does not reflects that it is a powerhouse of such intellectual peoples. The locals are aware just of their day to day business n nothin else. there are stray dogs everywhere n the saying goes tat...they bark at you for a week or so...n then they recognise you. JUs in case when they run after you , stop n stare in their eyes n they wont do nethin. I was wondering who sane person wud try that
In the buses you see the kannad script...i call them jalebis.. i havelearnt how to say a couple of sentences in Kannad.It is really cool

i've had a coulpe of ever-lasting memories....finding myself an appartment....I have a 3BHK
for rent with a coll balcony view...will upload the pics soon...n yes have some cool padosans..hope i will get lucky soon.....tried my hand at kitchen, n yes laundry also......n ya i know it was tough when i went on for a grocery shop...neways it has been really fun

At Trilogy it has been a phenomenol experience . THe intellectual crowd here will make you gasping. JEE 100 rankers, GRE full scorers, maths n physics olympiad toppers, toppers in rewoned programming contests, not to miss me and the NSITians.....the list goes on
THe first week NEO (New employee orientation ) is goin on...n we have had opportunities to meet
some of the top-notch guys at TRIO, listen to them, drink with them, dine with them n even dance alongwith....So the culture is really really cool , ver very open...n definitely the people are studs.
THere are a pack of chinese guys n it has been fantastic with them....i will pick up some chinese
also soon. hAve had a couple of pub nites already n lots more are there in store i will say THis job has beaten all my expectations.

Now to get on to the heading of this post...
NSIT was a great place n so looks TRilogy
It was one of those defining moments of my life n i guesTRilogy is gonna other
THere were no females at NSIT.....n by that standard we have a fa

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sorry IIM -Indore!!!!!!!

June 28 ,Evening 7 p.m : I get a call from IIM-i admission office ,that they have offerd me provisional admission and asked for my confirmation b4 10: a.m next day. Joining date is told as 30 th june. How characteristic of anIIM

10 p.m : My parents may ostracize me for thinking to decline the offer n instead pursuing the job offer i have got from Trilogy. After some really harsh debate, they tell me they will wait for my decision in the morning and go to sleep

" this guy is damn overconfident, he has gone to nuts"...was my dad's good night wish

12 p.m---i write on the sheet which i put in my room telling my parents about my plan for next day n when to wake me up:
" MY decision is : I will go to TRILOGY"

2:30 p.m---Unable to sleep, n pondering over all the rhetoric i've heard on the IIMs debate
I get up n strike out TRILOGY. write IIM-i instead

2.35 p.m----- TRILOGY is bak there....though sad outside but i am happy inside
The next morning my parents dont wake me up.........

Life is full of twists n turns. What it is going to unfold the next second, no one knows.
Well all this happened, when i had shut down & put locks on my MBA dream and decided to opt for a techie career for a while, I got an admission offer from IIM-indore.
At this moment, I would say that i did feel cheated when i did not saw my name in the first lists they put out. Indore interview did went as one of the bettre interviews.
But then you can never say abt an interview which way it went..

Well in India, IIMs are such coveted institutes that an admission offer from them is seen as a blessing from heaven.
So, was i pushed up by my parents, relatives n f riends of relatives tat" beta, aankh band har ke iim chale jao". First you have a degree, u complete ur studies,by 22 you would be an MBA, think of the position.....and then competition is increasing dayby day.
True, the last of them was the only thing which i pondered upon during the i gud enough to beat the competition and will i remain times the mind answered yes, of course...n at times it said ," dont fall in stupid comparisons n thoughts, a chance has been thrown up at you..grab it with both hands".
Vell my answer was....yes, i shud not go gor ne stupid competition but then i shud have the courage to test myself again the best in th country and if i dont have it in me then i wont have ne
advantage whatever degree i pursue from whatever institute of fame.

My reasons to leave IIM-i can be:
1. Alternatives i had: I think i'l be able to make a career with Trilogy. If everything goes well then i will have a solid skillset and personality under my belt a few years down the line not just a couple of degrees which the world recognises
2. A bold decision: I personally wanted to get some hands-on experience before doin my MBA. If i am able to achieve waht i have planned for myself such a decision is going to boost my confidence by zillion tonnes
3. IIM-indore is not any bad, but somewhere i believe i would like myself to be in a more competing environment of some more acclaimed IIMs

The drama is over, people would judge my success/failure by the things i achieve now, but i already feel succesful having done waht my mind said i would do best , having the confidence to do something different and the will to test my capabilities on the lathe machine called life.



Monday, June 20, 2005

The FountainHead

raed this book lately. it has forced me to ask several questions to myself- the sole purpose of my life? who am i? why i m here on this planet earth? what i wud like to achieve?........why we crave for achievements?why we need recognition......are we really different individuals or just second-handers, just a collection of adjectives fading in & out, reflections of what ppl feel about us....& so on

shoud we as humans, behave just as different spokes of the same wheel or shoud we defy everyone else and just follow our instincts,aims, desires n talents. Shud we care to get a happy n peaceful life or fight it out to add something to the world as it is 'now'. What should be the purpose in our life- money,fame,friends,position,fulfilment of our desires or just be able to do what we feel is right, that one work which would add to the current world

the world has put a veil on our eyes about what is good or bad...n we follow tat. everyday we run blindly in the pursuit of waht wud make us a better person according to those definitions. we crave for a better image......we give up certain traits of our personality, we give up our interests , we give up our ideas n we call it growth....

we see ourselves as mere reflections....other people act as mirrors

The author protagonises a student expelled from a sought after university of arts for he followed things as they interested him n let go others. He needs no money, no friends , no support , no emotions, in his life ....just the ability to make buildings as he wants them to be. He is hated, despised,detested,punished....for his works but he insensately, emotionlessly bear out thes odds n emerges as winner against the powerful.

But reality is always bitter than fiction.
Wud such a person survive in our society?he will be belated, criticised, ostracized ......n made either to give up his beliefs, ideals,ideas ...or his life.

If i have to rate this book, i always hated this type of buk....( i had picked it a couple of times before n cud not go beyond pg 15)
....da font,da sheer size, da cumbersome sstoryline....... Ayn , u can write a buk in a better way.
But the queries which it manifests , the theme the author has chosen , the dichotomy which it depicts, the oprtrayal of characters it is certainly worth eulogies. And As the author himself says, every story should written for its purpose not for aesthtic details vich other seek from it.

The message is cryatal-clear, it hits you deep below ur heart,mind & soul.....the questions still remain unanswered though.

Friday, May 27, 2005

BTP is done!!!!

well it was my BTP presentation 2day . vent off well n infact thoz ppl(my profs...) told me tat I (o.k , my team) have done a gr8 job.
for da unintiated, BTP stands for Big Time Pass,....i m kidding guys, it is a final year project, a seminal work need to be done by evry engg....b4 they pass outi can still recall the days ven i was looking for a topic to choose as my BTP. i was looking for some coooooooool techie work, sth which was cutting edge......sounds gud but realised after some time tat i was not made for that or shud i say modestly that it was not made for me.But it was very late till then. All my friends have settled along ( or clinged to) da ghissus who were very clairvoyant about their projects

so i settled for sth weird called nural networks. with a person whom people say gud & then try to stay as away from him . we call him Talli...( though his parents having dotly named him ashish tuli). vell he has been my partner in so many ventures, tat i 've lost count. i can write so much on this psn.....but this is my blog fuck talli.....write abt you some day i decide towrite a buk( i know this wont come ever....hehehe)

so as da D-day approached, me not having made ne great progress called out for da CYBER GENIE ( Goooooogle , wat else ppl )to fulfil my three pharmaish. .....some link where i can download a project on nura networks, or nething even remotely connected to tat, ne platform , any language wud do.after some real hard googling, i finally stumbled upon sth vich i cud put to my own use.
But life does not go that way. on the .exe file i found the developer XYZ (someone from University of california) has engraved his name in golden word(font 48)...........glaringly at my face , u moron how can you use this without giving me the credits.

the challenge was there to take, i figured out some cool way ( again used my CYBER GENIE) to reverse-engineer the file and put my name on top of his........bye bye Mr. XYZi can still feel da joy inside n da grin smile on my face ven i did tat. ven ppl were busy coding on their originative projects this lazy soul was doing his BTP inhis own style.

now for da final rituals , needed to submit a report with copious amount of shit. I have around 30 hrs with me( 2 nights n a day) with this fact in my friend tat all those gr8 pppl in my batch have been working their asses off for the last 5 days...n were not thru still.Time 12 at nitesuddenly all sorts of strange thots,( u r always late, shud have done b4,life is hell,shud i give it up, next time i'l do it on time ) starts getting fuel in my mindi am dumbfounded but find solace in these motivting words on my wall " When the going gets tough, the tough gets going" with an arrow underneath the word tough pointing to my study.

finally we(me & talli) were able to make it thru. i havent slept for the last 42 hrs( o.k i admit i dozed off for 2 hrs but da weird dreams soon woke me off)this has been da longest ever i have generally remained woke upa record for me....sth i wud not like to better in my lifean achievement by addition to having completed da work.......

da BTP is over now , never thot it wud go like this but still some sveet memories all the way thru.But yes it was A big time pass for me, though i was still able to impress upon the dumb profs. So does the means really mean , if you can achieve da ends......(.topic for a post some otr day)

Life goes on.As Buddha says,Learn to let go & live freefinally thanx Mr. XYZ( im not tat bad, giving the credits vich were due) n ofcouse google-devta, jus wonder how tough life wud have been if u were not thre

FM : " papa kehte hai.....beta bada naam karega" some other day, some other venture, lets keep our fingers crossed

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

InGineering Is Over..........huh

This is one of da momentous days in lives of thousands(or lacs,,or watever da units be, i shud hav picked it frm my engg.. but....)of engineers who pass out frm their engg. colleges(read hell on earth) evry year.yup engg. is also over( oh, i forget, i have to wait for my " screwed up" last sem marks, but do i really care......)

i stil rmbr da day ven i stepped into the sanctified portals of NSIT(Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, for ppl not from this planet) .much of water has flown under(or over) since then.

theez 4 years have been really awesome(pun intended, watever way one can take ).somehow da engineering word is synonymous with (unfathomable indigestible theories, integrals, tortuous formules n of course da bombastic words for all simple things on one word technical bullshit). but i m afraid i m taking out ne of theez things frm this place which over da last( or lost) 4 yrs tried its best to fil all this

luking bak engg. appears to me sth wich teaches u to be perseverant,to handle pressure(read stress)n develops an attitude to luk at things like:

da supples : life can at times be horrifyingly badu just need to let go & live peacefully
da niteouts: da best time of ur lif is ven u r with friends. u know it is eight hours to xams n u havent even finished half of da syllabus, still u manage to play a game of cricket n next morning hope to get some graceful marksthats wat teaches ya street-smartness, min input max output
da semester results: leave the rat -race yaar. the whole pursuit of engg. becomes self-defeating if ya start caring for these. the biggest irony is tat u realise this only when you have made you hands dirty by being a part of this no-ends race

no. of females in your class---well you can equate tat to hair on a bald person head. either there r none or if there r some u still dont feel thier existence.
da no. of courses u dont have clue about : this hapnd in one of my campus interviews, they asked abt my current ( that time 7th )sem subjects n i cudnt recall all of them. n then they asked abt 6th sem, da 5th sem.......poor guys they found "introduction to prog" being taught in evry sem :)

thussey or da hostel chats or da backbenchers timepass: how u can just ramble about ne dogshit topic endlessly for hours , enjoying throughout. The hours ironically seem to increase in the hostel as the xams apprach by
exam syllabus : one thing that does not have the other end. evening b4 da xam nite u wud hear that da ghissu has gone to the prof for some assgniment he never gave n da profs has added a few more chapters.this is waht teaches you to identify places where one should not try to go that last extra mile because here it never exists

da profs : u can just gawk up & wonder how on this earth this person cud reach here? As one gr8 Stnford dropout says " Be nice to nerds guys, chances are you might have to work for them one-day"

i m happy that this ordeal is finally over. just wish that god giveppl this capability to identify that whether they r game for it...........or for lesser mortals like me create some courses at the end of vich u can get a decent( does this word have a definition?) paying job

engineering is gud but the real import of this 11 lettered word has been obliterated theez days.i think tat i myself cud have done better but at the same time i m happy how engg. has chnged my life, my attitude towards it for evr, espescially some of my gr8 friends (all in terms of attitude, aptitude,skills,talent) whom i found out here.

These r the ppl i'll remember thruout my lif, have forged out some really good bonds n have leart some invaluable lessons frm them.Vill write abt ya on some otr post.........need to break free as for now!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Me a Bloggggggger Finally!!!!!!!!!

Words Posted by Hello

A nice message to start with.........also the reason to start on with this blogging mania.

Watch Ur words
Watch ur thoughts
Watch ur dreams