Wednesday, November 09, 2005

In What Kind of Clothes Do You Like Amisha Patel

"Aap Amisha Patel ko Kaise Kapdoon mein dekhna pasand karte hain ?"

A. Indian Wear
B. Western Wear

What will be your choice
SMS your choice to Amishaji at 676366. Obviously when you see such a poll, the one thing which comes to your mind is ........okie, i am not talking about the choice "No wear" . We all think what kind of crap/rotten polls are making their way into our society. More so, with the polls you get to see pictures with Amisha wrapeed in sarees (God knows, from what angle do they look sarees) and alongside her bare-dare attire in Western clothing. If you havent had a chance & would like to see one before zeroing on a choice, or just want to have fun by watching one , call your cable operator to get ZOOM tv .
Also happened to saw one of the shows i liked Coffe With KARAN with Bipasha basu coming in those Mandira-Bedi like blouses( she could have taken a lesson , but als, females,....)So she had only one hand for her disposal, as her lefty hand was constantly being used to tie that noodle-strap on her left shoulder.It really needed a mans heart(klike Karan's ) to interviw a person in that posture
Television or better its moniker, boob-tube,is becoming boring day - by day. There ere the K,K2,K3 serials all emanating some diweali emotions. It was sick to get a glance of all that while surfing channels.
Meanwhile, did got a chance to watch India-SriLanka one dayer. It was pretty refreshing to see an exciting series with India being one of the sides. The exuberance of Dhoni, the return of the master-blaster, the humility of Dravid and the fielding of the current Indian side was a welcome break from all the monotonous things on the CRT.
I really missed watching television for the last three months, but coming bak it i nonly realised that it were the only Govinda movies or those sort of things which I had missed.
I just wish that the Television stream soon gets converged to my computer screen. Waiting for the days when it happens in India. I getting undiluted, uninterrupted,unscheduled feed of my favourite programs, videos at the click of mouse. The technology for that has arrived long before.... just waiting for some pioneers to take it to the next stage

All you channel-feeds, are you hearing??

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