Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Trip


It all started on a Friday night,
Undefined Paths,Defined Destinations
With a sense of joy,mind filled with pride,
Eight Punters took it in their stride

A trip to Pondicherry was it,
To welcome the year that was knocking
And bid farewell to the one that was going,
2005 had been memorable we all said...
But none knew what was still in store
In The left 25 hours of da annee
We all had lived a different life
The memories of which will eternally remain ripe.........

As Usual I want to write the " Travelogue" for this trip. And again as usual, am late to do so
Distractions,Diversions,Commitments.......will still find some time to update this.

Till then, the onus of penning down the memories lies on some more responsible mortals
Read what the protagonist of trip,the cowguy aka DJ has to say.
DJ's blog
Read Xp's literally rich travelogue
Trip's blog

Pics as usual :

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atul lakhotia said...

hey man u are now starting to become a good poet...well u shud hav put ur pics here instead of giving the links