Tuesday, May 02, 2006

She , I And Rain

She was standing there,dancing
Looking beautiful as a fairy
Wet & drenched she shimmered
Like lightening in the night rain
Rain dripping from her eyebrows
like pearls falling from the sky
Sweet ,serene her vivacious smile
Redness of the rain-frozen lips
Tender touch & sweet talk
Cajoling me to forget worries of past
She & I met,we were together
when it rained last night

She stood there,hands outstretched
Waiting for me to fill her arms
She was calling ; it was time to go
As water dropped between us like heavy blood
Moments of laughter were soon few
As I died a hundred lives
The clouds were clear; my eyes were wet
When it rained again last night

- Anuj

Unstructured flow of thoughts which if lent an editing hand can become much more aesthetic.
But I find them beautiful in the same shape as they came to my mind.

1 comment:

priyanka said...

hi sweety whose she? in case u can tell me ....some1 special in my frds life?
tak care