Saturday, February 03, 2007

Channel V -I am watching

Recently I went to attend this Lucky Ali & Kailash Kher concert at "Unmaad "the all-controls-lose festival of IIM Bangalore.
Luckily for me , some of my folks (read Mohit)are the pride of the campus and I got the opportunity to be at the exclusive area between the security and the stage , inches from where the stars performed.And Ya, Lucky Ali did manage to get a handshake with yours truly.Think, It was a decent nite with some good music oozing out in front of i-will-rock-even-if-you-fart on stage crowd of Bangalore.

Kailash kher was average with only his "Allah-ke -Bande" track getting the crowd on their feet.However, Lucky Ali did manage to enthrall the crowd with his performance. Even though he has a song collection with numbers so similar you will wonder if it is the same song playing all over again.

It was while enjoying this part of nite I met this hot chic.(all ears up) One of those one sided meetings where the other party doesnt notice whether a meeting is happening. Dressed in a shimmering black short cut sleeve kurta she had captured the eye balls of ppl young and old in the area around her. With a white band around her night -like black hairs , a white pearl set glistening on her sartorial perfect kurta, matching flat heeled ,front covered sandals and height equal to mine everything seemed so right about her.

The moment I saw her started the "O Sanam" by Lucky Ali .The lyrics just adding the effect to the occasion

Ankhon mein bassee ho
Par door ho kaheen
Dil ke kareeb ho
Yeh mujhko hai yakeen.

I found my face glued towards my left shoulder as I hummed along and dedicated every number from "Dekha hai Aise bhi" to "Kitni Haseen Zindagi Hai Yeah"
and "Aa Abhi Jaa" to her. Dedicated from me to my angel for nite.
She did catch a few glances of me when I and Lucky were singing

Tere Mere Sath Jo Hota Hai,
Baat Samajh Mein Aati Nahin,
Tere Mere Sath Jo Hota Hai
Sabke Saath Who Hota Nahin,
Jub Sara Jag Hi Sota Hai,
Phir Neend Hamein Kyo Aati Nahin,

The sleep was not to come this nite for sure. But suddenly I saw her waiving a good bye towards me. I have never been in a state of flux like this before. Before my reflexes embarassed me , I caught a voice behind my back coming over my shoulders responding "Love,Cya at the show tomorrow". Ah! my two split-seconds of fame.

I shifted some step towards with a heavy heart towards my friend Mohit who yelled "Did you saw the hot..........Channel V VJ".
A faint smile came on my ignorant-till-now face, I drooled a bit , moved my left hand over my hairs and hummed with the crowd...
Khaali haath aaye the hum
Khaali haath jaayenge

Ek pal ka jeena, phir to hai jaana
Tofa kya leke jaaye, dil yeh bataana

The song once again was cut for the time.
All the songs sung during the nite have been absolutely fabulous.
Thanks Mohit for the nite and Channel V its u that , now I am watching!!!

-Anuj lakhotia

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Arul Prasad said...

that was so funny a post man.
I just imagined ur drooling face, and boy, I just cant stop laughing :D