Thursday, February 26, 2009

Few words from Last Pages of Am-Be-Yeah !

They and the grey car were crossing the Lucknow 16km milepost. It was an  exhilarating night for both of them. They had decided to check out the end of  the road after the ' only non veg starters, dessert and Red Label' dinner at  Barbeque Nation,Lucknow. The road had taken them through villages,unknown nooks and corners, uninhabited patches towards Kanpur. 90 km was the writing on the first overhead blue panel across the width of the road.

The fleeting grey Maruti resuscitated the spirit of the biker Bharat Satija to make the digital speedometer display the three digit mark again. The car raced ahead , the red lights changing intensity for the pillion as they played a catch-me -if-you -can game. The bike swerved sharply behind the car across the turn with an Abhishek Bachchan hoarding. 'An IDEA can change your life' ,it read . Very true for the two of them. 2 years back they had taken the plunge to do their MBA. Today was the culmination of it all - they had written their last examination in the noon. "It is a great day." he had said to Bharat in the morning and had added "Need to be celebrated in a special way". A big acknowledging smile is what he had received back.

 The bike had left many a vehicles behind to conquer the road and then felt a no-one-to-chase void. This car driver was different, skilled,maneuvring through the trucks fast. The night sky looked brilliant. The stars shone brightly above the 'stars' tonight. The ever indolent Bharat was dreaming about 'a scrambled egg and beer'  holiday in Goa. And then the digital display went from 108 to 26 in split-seconds.The car raced far away as the bike slowed behind a disobliging trailer truck. 'Stil there, stil alive . Can't be dead before I see  Malaysia' shouted the pillion,as they laughed. 

It had been a bit of chase now. The hands rolled over the race and the wind started enjoying its touch with the jacket again.A blue overhead panel read "Lucknow Zila Panchayat welcomes you".The biker raised his right fist to the imaginary chequered flag and the sexy babes in red as the pillion waved a bye to the grey car.

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