Friday, May 27, 2005

BTP is done!!!!

well it was my BTP presentation 2day . vent off well n infact thoz ppl(my profs...) told me tat I (o.k , my team) have done a gr8 job.
for da unintiated, BTP stands for Big Time Pass,....i m kidding guys, it is a final year project, a seminal work need to be done by evry engg....b4 they pass outi can still recall the days ven i was looking for a topic to choose as my BTP. i was looking for some coooooooool techie work, sth which was cutting edge......sounds gud but realised after some time tat i was not made for that or shud i say modestly that it was not made for me.But it was very late till then. All my friends have settled along ( or clinged to) da ghissus who were very clairvoyant about their projects

so i settled for sth weird called nural networks. with a person whom people say gud & then try to stay as away from him . we call him Talli...( though his parents having dotly named him ashish tuli). vell he has been my partner in so many ventures, tat i 've lost count. i can write so much on this psn.....but this is my blog fuck talli.....write abt you some day i decide towrite a buk( i know this wont come ever....hehehe)

so as da D-day approached, me not having made ne great progress called out for da CYBER GENIE ( Goooooogle , wat else ppl )to fulfil my three pharmaish. .....some link where i can download a project on nura networks, or nething even remotely connected to tat, ne platform , any language wud do.after some real hard googling, i finally stumbled upon sth vich i cud put to my own use.
But life does not go that way. on the .exe file i found the developer XYZ (someone from University of california) has engraved his name in golden word(font 48)...........glaringly at my face , u moron how can you use this without giving me the credits.

the challenge was there to take, i figured out some cool way ( again used my CYBER GENIE) to reverse-engineer the file and put my name on top of his........bye bye Mr. XYZi can still feel da joy inside n da grin smile on my face ven i did tat. ven ppl were busy coding on their originative projects this lazy soul was doing his BTP inhis own style.

now for da final rituals , needed to submit a report with copious amount of shit. I have around 30 hrs with me( 2 nights n a day) with this fact in my friend tat all those gr8 pppl in my batch have been working their asses off for the last 5 days...n were not thru still.Time 12 at nitesuddenly all sorts of strange thots,( u r always late, shud have done b4,life is hell,shud i give it up, next time i'l do it on time ) starts getting fuel in my mindi am dumbfounded but find solace in these motivting words on my wall " When the going gets tough, the tough gets going" with an arrow underneath the word tough pointing to my study.

finally we(me & talli) were able to make it thru. i havent slept for the last 42 hrs( o.k i admit i dozed off for 2 hrs but da weird dreams soon woke me off)this has been da longest ever i have generally remained woke upa record for me....sth i wud not like to better in my lifean achievement by addition to having completed da work.......

da BTP is over now , never thot it wud go like this but still some sveet memories all the way thru.But yes it was A big time pass for me, though i was still able to impress upon the dumb profs. So does the means really mean , if you can achieve da ends......(.topic for a post some otr day)

Life goes on.As Buddha says,Learn to let go & live freefinally thanx Mr. XYZ( im not tat bad, giving the credits vich were due) n ofcouse google-devta, jus wonder how tough life wud have been if u were not thre

FM : " papa kehte hai.....beta bada naam karega" some other day, some other venture, lets keep our fingers crossed


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