Tuesday, May 17, 2005

InGineering Is Over..........huh

This is one of da momentous days in lives of thousands(or lacs,,or watever da units be, i shud hav picked it frm my engg.. but....)of engineers who pass out frm their engg. colleges(read hell on earth) evry year.yup ppl...my engg. is also over( oh, i forget, i have to wait for my " screwed up" last sem marks, but do i really care......)

i stil rmbr da day ven i stepped into the sanctified portals of NSIT(Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, for ppl not from this planet) .much of water has flown under(or over) since then.

theez 4 years have been really awesome(pun intended, watever way one can take ).somehow da engineering word is synonymous with (unfathomable indigestible theories, integrals, tortuous formules n of course da bombastic words for all simple things on earth.....in one word technical bullshit). but i m afraid i m taking out ne of theez things frm this place which over da last( or lost) 4 yrs tried its best to fil all this

luking bak engg. appears to me sth wich teaches u to be perseverant,to handle pressure(read stress)n develops an attitude to luk at things like:

da supples : life can at times be horrifyingly badu just need to let go & live peacefully
da niteouts: da best time of ur lif is ven u r with friends. u know it is eight hours to xams n u havent even finished half of da syllabus, still u manage to play a game of cricket n next morning hope to get some graceful marksthats wat teaches ya street-smartness, min input max output
da semester results: leave the rat -race yaar. the whole pursuit of engg. becomes self-defeating if ya start caring for these. the biggest irony is tat u realise this only when you have made you hands dirty by being a part of this no-ends race

no. of females in your class---well you can equate tat to hair on a bald person head. either there r none or if there r some u still dont feel thier existence.
da no. of courses u dont have clue about : this hapnd in one of my campus interviews, they asked abt my current ( that time 7th )sem subjects n i cudnt recall all of them. n then they asked abt 6th sem, da 5th sem.......poor guys they found "introduction to prog" being taught in evry sem :)

thussey or da hostel chats or da backbenchers timepass: how u can just ramble about ne dogshit topic endlessly for hours , enjoying throughout. The hours ironically seem to increase in the hostel as the xams apprach by
exam syllabus : one thing that does not have the other end. evening b4 da xam nite u wud hear that da ghissu has gone to the prof for some assgniment he never gave n da profs has added a few more chapters.this is waht teaches you to identify places where one should not try to go that last extra mile because here it never exists

da profs : u can just gawk up & wonder how on this earth this person cud reach here? As one gr8 Stnford dropout says " Be nice to nerds guys, chances are you might have to work for them one-day"

i m happy that this ordeal is finally over. just wish that god giveppl this capability to identify that whether they r game for it...........or for lesser mortals like me create some courses at the end of vich u can get a decent( does this word have a definition?) paying job

engineering is gud but the real import of this 11 lettered word has been obliterated theez days.i think tat i myself cud have done better but at the same time i m happy how engg. has chnged my life, my attitude towards it for evr, espescially some of my gr8 friends (all in terms of attitude, aptitude,skills,talent) whom i found out here.

These r the ppl i'll remember thruout my lif, have forged out some really good bonds n have leart some invaluable lessons frm them.Vill write abt ya on some otr post.........need to break free as for now!!!

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