Thursday, July 21, 2005

FROM anuj@nsit TO anuj@trilogy

It is going to be a culmination of one week here @ TRilogy. The first week in the so called software city of INdia is filled with some really good experiences of my lifetime.

Firstly the city It has been gifted withan awesome weather....but that ends the good things abot the city. WE have an IIM here, companies which have written the Indian software story but ...the city as a whole does not reflects that it is a powerhouse of such intellectual peoples. The locals are aware just of their day to day business n nothin else. there are stray dogs everywhere n the saying goes tat...they bark at you for a week or so...n then they recognise you. JUs in case when they run after you , stop n stare in their eyes n they wont do nethin. I was wondering who sane person wud try that
In the buses you see the kannad script...i call them jalebis.. i havelearnt how to say a couple of sentences in Kannad.It is really cool

i've had a coulpe of ever-lasting memories....finding myself an appartment....I have a 3BHK
for rent with a coll balcony view...will upload the pics soon...n yes have some cool padosans..hope i will get lucky soon.....tried my hand at kitchen, n yes laundry also......n ya i know it was tough when i went on for a grocery shop...neways it has been really fun

At Trilogy it has been a phenomenol experience . THe intellectual crowd here will make you gasping. JEE 100 rankers, GRE full scorers, maths n physics olympiad toppers, toppers in rewoned programming contests, not to miss me and the NSITians.....the list goes on
THe first week NEO (New employee orientation ) is goin on...n we have had opportunities to meet
some of the top-notch guys at TRIO, listen to them, drink with them, dine with them n even dance alongwith....So the culture is really really cool , ver very open...n definitely the people are studs.
THere are a pack of chinese guys n it has been fantastic with them....i will pick up some chinese
also soon. hAve had a couple of pub nites already n lots more are there in store i will say THis job has beaten all my expectations.

Now to get on to the heading of this post...
NSIT was a great place n so looks TRilogy
It was one of those defining moments of my life n i guesTRilogy is gonna other
THere were no females at NSIT.....n by that standard we have a fa

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atul lakhotia said...

well it seems u have started liking blore.ur having a gr8 time there,but this will end soon,don worry.
well work hard there so that u can stay there for atleast 3months...!!!
neways best of luck for ur future..!!!