Saturday, August 06, 2005

Bouncing Back

----> A pic one can remember from childhood days when one used to study History.

This post is being written on a Saturday morning in the office.
@Trilogy, Track Assignments are going on. (for the uninitiated TRACK is the time ven a TUer is made to slog with the sole intent of......u got it, that he remembers it throughout his life)

I just got graded on my second Assignment. Amazingly , i have been slogging really hard but still havent been able to getpar with
my expectations. Starting with the first assignment , my score
was really wud have been probably the lowest among all the 100 guys over here. Another new experience for me as i have generally always found me in da creme-de creme section at other places.

THis post is to record my trajectory. Yes i have had 400% growth in my score frm da last time.( This doesnt tell that how well i did in my second assgn...but instead how poor I did in the first). Sometimes numbers can be really delusive.

I believe after every low there is a high. But sometimes something bad is not as bad as it can be and something gud is not as good as it seems to be. So you never know how much down low you have to go still, or how much high further you can go.

Btw today also marks the day of bombing at Hiroshima. The city wud still be suffering from the travails of that bomb but Japan has definitely bounced back as a developed nation.

Need to go my blog , my first salary is still intact and a call is there to go on a bang, some shopping for the loved ones and ofcourse some for myself

A happy Friendship Day to all of those who get to read this

Yours truly

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justme said...

Found your blog by chance.. d fact that u gave up on IIM I kinda makes u an intersting guy..!! we ve got something in common too.. An engineer waiting to join wipro in october..!!