Monday, October 03, 2005

Latest In Life

Lately , I have been reading lots of blogs & looks like most of them has been part of the madness: Seven Things I want to do or Seven Things I like or Seven things to do b4 i die & so on.....

Wonder why people are so obsessed with the number 7. May be it is something natural..
7 colours of the Rainbow
7 pheris before a wedding
7 days in a week
7 wonders of the world
7 oceans, 7 segment display
the first word which children write with ease
7 Samundar Par,7 musical notes
the number of days until you die, after watching the Cursed Video Tape in the Movie RING

Lots can be said about the significance of number 7, one thing which supersedes them all is
gues.....well 7 is my birth date :)

I would try to write 7 things that happened lately in my life

My project at Trilogy went live today. It is a innovating service which plans to help
people to slash their mobile bills. As a baby , it has started showing RBV(real business value, for the unitiated) and people are already getting hooked to the service.
It is really amazing : how even a simple idea can excite users & bring some good business
At the company anyone who has heard the idea has become a fan .
Right from the CEO to Vice-President(Products) to other company big-wigs ,whoever has
heard the idea has appreciated,applauded & appraised it.
It is great & fun to work for an idea like this
If you havent checked out the site for yourself get going here:

Orkut Link Just started using this networking service few months before and the network count has
rocketed to a half-century.
This site helps me to remain in touch with my school/college and other friends whom i mite
lose contact over the years. And yes, the 50th friend who added me is a special one too.
GUBS or Gaurav Bansal- This guy was among my good friends when I was after a bird called
IIT-JEE . He went to IIT-D and we lost contact from then on. After 4 years of completing
our engg.. he finally caught up with me.
And it was even more lovely to know that he is having a rocking lifetime at University Of Michigan, U.S.A doing his P.H.d
If you havent added me yet here is your opportunity : Orkut id- anujlakhotia

Bank Account reaches 6 figures

Yes, I got my third salary at Trio. And yes it is heartening that within 3 months my total earnings have reached the magical 6 digits. Let us see how much it takes to cross the next
milestone 1,00,00,00..... :D

R.K's Blog
(Your financial Advisor) Inez -Finserve
I met this guy on a table-tennis table & was gasping with the talk i had with him then.
6 months later when i joined Trilogy, I found this guy leaving the company and starting
up his own innovation. This time i got to know more about him and was down on my knees
listening to his ideas.
This guy is gonna great places in life & i am lucky to know a person like him.
Have a look at his writings, musings ,insights & favourite posts and you too
will tag him for sure

TU graduation is week away

The end of TU is nearing. With it , it will be the end of terrifying/inhuman days i have experienced in
my life. But at the same time ,i also feel that it will be end of some halcyon days spent with some real great
ppl with an opportunity & responsibility never given before. It mite be end of those lovely bar nites
where u loved to get drowned. I think that these have been among the best days of my life till date .
I will write about the emotional outpour when it happens ...(wait for the next week)

Movies Watched

Hazaar Khwaisen Aisi, Sarkar,Viruddh,Mangal Pandey

GirlNextDoor,PhoneBooth,Notting Hills,EuroTrip ( Bold :Must Watch)

My Wishlist (in near future)

#I plan to visit the IIM-b festival Vista
So , that i could catch up with some college & some net-friends
#Buy a new cell-phone for myself
Need sth which have mp3 player & has functionality for getting songs from my desktop
Shit, there is not much variety available in the CDMA phones
#Watch some more movies(which has been left behind)
#I have also made a personal commitment to myself
Lemme see how far i go to honour that.
#Write more on my blog ( I know i am not doing enough justice to it)
#Complete a poem (my first) which i started when i was feeling very low
But I'l have to be down again for doing that, which doesnt happens that often :)



atul lakhotia said...

Bank Account reaches 6 figures
dnt worry,v wont alllow that figure to get too big.

Anonymous said...

To add to that 7... 7 on the Richter scale. It is pretty scary..we all know