Sunday, February 19, 2006

So Much To Say, So Less to Write

Books Read Recently

The reviews of each of these books would need a separate post. The essence is though that the Indian writer Amartya Sen scores much higher than the other two renowned
authors of similar class,erudition & eminence.
Also the hype about the two books " thw Worls Is Flat" & "Freakonomics" does not sustain. Both are interesting , excitin & entertaining to begin with but somewhere
lose to grip the reader.

Movies Watched Recently

English :Forrest Gump, The Green Mile,The Life of David Gale,Harry Met Sally
Hindi :Andaz Apna Apna, FightClub
Tom Hanks literally sweeps you off your feet in the first two classics

Another series of posts will be essential to describe how Indian movies are coming with dry comedy, & the Indian audience desperately tries to entertain themselves
in the hopeless,senseless movies of today

Trip To Delhi was fabulous, highly-recharging n refreshing,and awesome fun

Delhi looks like an International capital once ya go there after spending some time in Bangalore.The highways & the metro seems to make a diffeence
Couple of my friends got married. Wishing them a Happy married life once again. The bachelor parties I attended , I will remeber for a while

The destruction of malls was a bit sad. Alas my School is also on the hit -list. But
fear not it is only the extraneous Art ?& Craft Hut which had been build behind
the school building which will be going away. I feel both good & bad at the same time as I remember that place where I was used to ask to stand out most of the times for not being able to complete my art& craft homeworks or where I would get a 'D' again n again for my drawings.

Meeting up with college juniors was fun, so was giving Dad an account of my extravagant habits over here in Bangalore.

Caught up with my school friends who are working in BPO theez days & who said I did greta good by doing Engineering. Well, my answer was " I dint knew why I did it in the first place & I am still figuring out why it was better than attending a DU college" except for the fact that u get to while ytour four years in hostel & then get a reputable degree which fetches you a good job somehow. As one of my friend says, A surely vacation where u sleep endlessly, talk endlessly, somehow clear ur exams,just manage ur attendance, make some amazing friends, forget what the world 'female' means, spend time in the college canteen & the baba ka dhaba, learn to live without bathing for couiple of days, nighouts where ya do everything except study....& at the end of it you are an...gues what " ENGINEER"....

Took my Parents to watch "Rang De Basanti" where they enjoyed the movie throughout
but at the end of it stll kept their point that they dont like going out for movies

At job
, Life is gud except for the fact that the salary comes once in 30 days only.
It is bad when the neighbourhood ATM fails to doa transaction on 2-25 of the month
Jan-March you find yourself paying taxes...the proverbial earning from ur blood-sweat going into some corrupt peoples coffins.
You see amazing ways to save taxes and you get involved in the endless debate...the moral way or the prudential way??

Have somw writings in the pipeline,and some ideas brewing.....just wait till they get their final shape



Arul Prasad said...

Just as I was reading about the college thing - Did u read "Five point someone" by Chetan Bhagat? You should dude. I bought it last weekend, and man, its soo hilarious!

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