Monday, February 27, 2006

When the Chips Are Down

Everything seems dark, disillusioned;
One feels weak both in mind; and in heart;
Life looks encumbered, entangled;
Negativity takes helm, Vanishes the self-pride;
The world looks low on you, you feel like an unworthy clown
It all happens when the Chips are down.

It s a time to reason, not for excuse;
A moment of dark, before the light dawns;
To see the Invisible, to think the Unthinkable
To hear the Inaudible, to feel the Intangible;
Time to introspect and not circumspect oneself
To see the Reality clear of illusions
Time to change Direction; and again rise,
Time to go beyond and face the challenge;
Time to be a man when the Chips are down

Time to see things in the light of the dark;
Listen to your heart while the world speaks;
To see the low as the bottom of the next high
To gather courage from the weakness,
To feel the pleasure that will arise out of the pain
Time to feel free coz you have nothing more to loose;
It is sometimes good when the Chips are down


Anonymous said...

Awesome lines... beautifully expressed.... I love that !!

vikram said...

tune likha hai to theek hi hoga

atul lakhotia said...

kahan pahunch gaye anujji...!!!!

rohit kaul said...

brilliant poem dude.... NSIT peeps make good poets :)

amit said...

sahi hai anujji.... programmer se poet ban gaye !!!!!

anuj_nsit said...

yes guys... i never knew that i cud write so well before i wrote these lines.

Payal said...

AWESOME.........expressed brilliantly......most difficult part is to pen the thoughts and u did quite amazingly.........fabulous