Saturday, March 18, 2006

Good Things In Life

Asking for gifts on birthday night,
Running the race first time in school
Winning that younger brother fight,
Falling from the cycle from the first time
Good or bad, Bitter or pleasant
These are some of the sweet things in life

Teachers scolding , Principal warnings
Being kicked out of the class for the first time
That new girl in class; And falling in love at first sight
The roaming on bikes; the partying with friends
Another one is seen in colony; And Yet again you feel lonely

First Day in College and the Seniors ragging
The first smoke; getting sloshed for the first time
The bunking of classes; the flunking of exams
Calling her late in night & those endless talks
The street side walk in the moonlit winter nights
Cool breeze blowing and into you her hair blowing

Moving on to the charming first job; First piece u bought for mom
Keys of that new car; U and Dad going for a long ride;
Thinking of your boss chair ;Big Dreams of flying high

Making love for the first time;
How it feels on hearing your child first cries
Buying presents on Birthday nights
Scolding for that younger brother fight
Good or Bad; Bitter or pleasant
If you can enjoy life
These are some of the sweetest things in life

Got ill these days. Cholera n Viral are in prowl in Bangy these days
And I am always among the first ones in the city to get to know without the newspapers telling
Surprisingly 7 ppl in my project team are also down due to viral

Wrote this one while I was taking bed-rest. Illness is one of the things I dread the most. And this would have been the first time I took to bed after I have come to Bangalore.
Though, this time around the 2-3 days went quite interestingly.
Took good care of myself. Boiled water,stem inhales, gargles etc......
Watched couple of good movies. Played some guitar, Did some cooking(home-made food is prescribed)...yes it was fun cooking for myself. And yes the thing which is the most difficult to do
..Take medicines on time. Till Now, i have never done that. A two day course would finish only in 5 days. But it happened automatically this time. Only God knows how..

I have started believing in thought that "It(Illness) is merely a state of mind". Yes it helps....

My temperatures did touch around 103. But above is the best I could get out of the remaining time

Anuj Lakhotia

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priyanka said...

hiii anuj ......ur guud thngs in life was awsum..was really very my frd has started poetry man ...keep up the guud wrk
tak care