Sunday, September 17, 2006

Unknown Faces

Unknown faces, meet at some point in life
First imprints, thoughts originate
Views form ,break ,collapse, form again
Slowly a character is shaped
Lovable, Special in their own moulds
As they unfurl their folds
Some pass away as snakes slough skin
Others become a part of your souls
Time machine takes them farther
But now boundaries are mere perceptions
Spaces unfathomed are just thoughts away
They take away a part of yours
A part of them now runs in your blood
Memories would gush of the together times
Of Times of laughter, times of pain
Moments of anguish, moments of fun
Unknown faces, who touched you at some point in life
Till you again meet the now known faces

One of my friends/flatmates Anubhav Kushwaha joined Microsoft as a Program Manager
This was wishing him farewell.



sourabh chopra said...

buddy kya chal raha hai but believe me this blog have changed my opinions for u.u have changed a lot u have tranformed into a thinker ur i,she and rain was awesome kudos to u

anuj_nsit said...

thanks buddy for the praises.

Anonymous said...

Dude - Thanks for the write up and wish you all the best for things to come --