Sunday, November 19, 2006

Waiting For The 'Morning'

Darkness surrounds, Obstruct my thoughts
I can see the past; the future is though dark;
I stand by the Window
With me stands still the time
I want it to fly, run, race away
To show me the next day
It ticks; ticks slowly,
As if it also awaits something
My mind looks forward for the day
When I could see the fruits of my actions
When this Darkness would be cleared
If lil’ I will do, lil’ the clock will move
I have to look beyond; to illuminate the dark
As I start; Time soon starts flying past
The Gloom has moved; The moods have changed
Thoughts are back; Future does not remain Bleak
I can feel light cutting through the dark,
The Night Making way for the dawn
The day I am waiting for though hasn’t come
But has been brought near!

Was in a sombre mood.Thought to write a similar poem.
But this ended livening me up.

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