Friday, December 22, 2006

Winter Thoughts

Frosty Nights,Chilly Winds
Cut through my skin
Stil, I feel so snug
In the warmth of her presence;
Her vivacious smiles,her bubbling talks;
Her joyful spirits and life-giving touch;
Shields me from the snow that is cast
With her she takes me the world round
Alas, one day I know, I wont find her around
Fear makes me shut my eyes tight
I open them again to find
Frosty nights;chilly winds
Cut through my skin
I do not feel any snug
As under the bed has fallen my Quilt

Wrote this while waiting for the Qualis . Christmas will be celebrated in Kerela & may be in a houseboat :)

Merry Christmas to All!!!

-Anuj lakhotia

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Scribbler said...

Good one... Add more to it... Keep it rollin;)