Saturday, December 09, 2006

I need...

Two two things that go hand-in-glove with the title are "Allahdins genie" or else the "ZANDU" ka kesari-jeevan. Well , my need is thoda hatkar. Often i have found myself wanting to say a little 'hello' to my blog by way of say, some photo I liked ,some article I came across, some of my humour wise-cracks, some video I came across, wishlists of places I want to go, books i want to read, things being added to my dream home, my present crush,the last movie i watched ....the list is endless.

I have always looked upon it as to be the centre-place of my online presence, to be linked to my other identities on the web say the Orkut, flickr,my wiki, my You-tube videos collections, a medium to flash out the last coolest thing I saw evolving on the web.

But i realise that the blogging s/w has a long way to go. By the time I log in & start typing in this template page ,part of my writing-crazy grey cells are already asleep. I think i deserve the right to rightclick on a cool pic and say publish to my blog , Select a piece of text & publish it with ease or add a cool -blog to my list in split-seconds. But alas , the current solution forces my thoughts to remain as thoughts.

I tried the "Send the Blogger" button in the Google toolbar..and it was a big disappointment for things i wanted to do. I think Blooging is stil to evolve a lot further.

It dawns on me ,though a bit late, that I should hold blogger the reason for my hyper-low -blogging frequency. May be if I were in US i could have sued them for a million

I think that I should try out a couple of other places like the Yahoo 360,MSN Spaces or the wordpress. I tried Multiply sometime back. I found it pretty nifty and good.
But my love for Google products has kept me here. Is someone listening out there??
or ppl are too busy with minting money & buying around companies :)

Some cells that have woken up remind me that I initially planned to write about the beautiful outing I had at my manger's place today. From the top of his home at seventh floor, it looked like as if i was looking into my future 5 years ahead :)


anuj lakhotia

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