Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Harmony Cup at IIM-Lucknow

The Bhavishya comittee of IIM-Lucknow organised a cricket tournament 'Harmony Cup' in a yet another effort towards its vision to help the underprivileged.

The day chosen was none other than Gandhi Jayanti and the tournament was sponsored by Mint-one of the most favored hangouts of helLites.
The event witnessed huge participation , support and brought a lively environment at campus.
All committees were required to send a team of 5 members (with at least one female player)
and individual teams also competed along with. The setting was in the lush-green football grounds of the campus with special floodlights installed making the moment almost unforgettable , cricket under flood-lights with slight night dew.
Quite a few number of matches went down to the wire which were enjoyed by the students listening to the peppered commentary from the Student Council.

The finals were played at midnight between the committees Manfest and IIC.
The proceeds from the participation fees will go to Bhavishya social-welfare projects .

The Gandhi Jayanti at the campus started with a thematic contest on non-violence followed by prayers and Shramdan ( Effort-Donation) by the helLites.
The day definitely could not have been put to better use !!

-Anuj Lakhotia

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