Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Flowing waters, moving Boats; Thumping yatches against the winds,
Sunshine shining as pearls on the algae-colored water;
The red-colored trees
And the yellow foliage trotten pathways,
The honeymoon couple holding hands
Sharing Moments of Laughter;Moments of love;
School kids playing cricket on the skating ground
Places on hill, where life comes to stand still
She stands there in her black overcoat and white winter cap
Eating the pink sugar candy
As I pen this eating the pancake
Heaven, I feel, is where I am
Ironically, hel(L), I know is where I come from

Welcome retreat from hel(L) after summers .Penned this down while eating at a restaurant facing the Naini Lake.

-anuj lakhotia

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