Tuesday, November 04, 2008

You and I

You are the cherry on the cake,
The sunlight shining on the lake.
You are the innocence of the daisies;
The freshness of the babies.
You are the smile that vanishes all pain,
The air after a rain.
You are the nectar which gets the butterfly,
The blue of the summer sky.
Daa Da Da Da Da Daa, Daa Da Da Da Da Daa

I wanna be the cake,
Wanna be the lake.
I wanna be the scarf to protect you from cold,
Wanna be the child to care when you are old.
I wanna be the rouge in your kiss;
Wanna be the laugh that gives you a bliss.
I wanna be the dream you have in the night;
Wanna be the light to make your day bright.
I wanna be your friend; I wanna be whom you love.
Daa Da Da Da Da Daa, Daa Da Da Da Da Daa

You are the reason I survive
Wanna be the why of your life.
You are the world to me,
Wanna be the eyes from which you see.
You are a god to me,
Wanna be a flower in your heels.
You are the blood that runs in me,
Wanna be the air you breathe.
You are a rainbow in the Beskids,
Wanna be the colors it needs.
You are the nectar which gets the butterfly,the blue of the summer sky.
I wanna be your friend;I wanna be whom you love.

I know I am having a laugh, Hope you are getting the bliss.
Daa Da Da Da Da Daa ,Daa Da Da Da Da Daa

-Anuj Lakhotia


Anonymous said...

as in most of ur writings...last paragraph is of a far lower standard than the first one...y r u in a hurry to finish...wat point uve got to prove...dont be in a hurry to put it on ur blog...'STOP SHOWING OFF :D'
first two paras hav some intersting descriptions but the poem's theme as a whole is kinda banal....dont u think...i mean..its just you and I...and what 'I' wants to be..for 'You'...i believe ul find many poems nd songs on this theme...wats new in this....ur expression is gud...but even ur expressionism fades towards the end...it seems copied...not litrally but copied from ur memory...

Anonymous said...

ab sahi sahi bata do ki kis ke liye likhi hai... kaun hai wahan?? :P


anuj_nsit said...

@ Anonymous :
thanks man for the words.Very useful thoughts to take care in my next work.

For me, the beauty of these lines is a sweet way to express a set of emotions.

If you start analysing the writing, you will run past this beauty..

@ AU : there is a hint in the poem about the same..though it is not the name

atul lakhotia said...

nice one anuujji..but kaun si bollywood movie dekh kar inspire hue ho??

neha said...

Tis one s my favrt, not jus among all the poems u hav ritten, but among all d poems I hav ever read and will ever read!
Wonder who d luky damsel is for whom dese magical words come so softly 4m d core of d hear??