Wednesday, January 06, 2010

More and Less

I laugh less
I work more
I play less
I gym more
I am angry less
Am calm more

I express less
I think more
I feel less
I reason more
I appreciate less
I want more

I am a man less
A machine more
Have Brothers less
Enemies more
I create less
I consume more
I distribute less
I accumulate more

I sleep less
Have dreams more
I fly less
I walk more
I spend less
I save more

I call less
I tweet more
I know myself less
Google world more
Am myself less
Am the world more

I love less
I hate more
I live less
I die more

-Anuj Lakhotia


Anubhav Kushwaha said...

what's up man? why so serious?

Anuj Lakhotia said...

I is used in these lines so that the reader can associate with it :P

I am having a pretty bindaas life :D

Arun Ponniah Sethuramalingam said...

Bindaas! The title could have been 'more or less'.

Anonymous said...

I wish not concur on it. I assume polite post. Expressly the title attracted me to read the whole story.

Anonymous said...

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