Friday, April 02, 2010

Marmalade, Mont Kiara

It makes my day every time I go to this place Marmalade for lunch which supposedly offers me very little for very high prices. I see these beautiful people, specifically beautiful , adorable women in their middle years lost in their worlds, their own beauty, their kids, thier food, their gossip but lost to something interesting and their worries lost in their smiles lost in the lost things they are lost in. I often pick a local newspaper, a car magazine or at times a woman magazine all of which transfers me to a different world as I relish my honey dipped chicken salad with avocados and raisins. I like the red sofas, the painting on the wall, at times the soothing music and the smile which I remember used to work over there during my initial visits.Thanks Marmalade you exist and in my perspective you offer me so much by taking something of little value.

Anuj Lakhotia

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