Saturday, April 10, 2010

World GDP per capita and Life Expectancy over last 200 years

I landed on and happened to compare the world countries progression over the last 200 years.

This one presentation from Hans Roling on TED is pretty funny and summarises some of the things i saw with the tools on the website.

The world average life span is expected to rise in the coming years. But, I do not see world focusing on creating 'stuff' to give meaning and fun to those extended years. The average income is increasing, the average consumption is increasing, the average wasteful consumption is increasing and the average disillusionment with the world activities has also increased.

For, India it would take 30-40 years to have the income levels matching the developed countries The progress of countries over the years indicate that it would continue being difficult for India and China with their large populations to provide higher standards of living for their diaspora.

Chasing those income levels is possible by competing continuously or outsmarting peer population if we have decided to live in India. Sounds like a ' keep running' way to live life . This is a disillusionment with India of people who have experienced better quality of life and work life abroad for few years.

Carefully Directing consumption from the increased income levels to satisfy and grow on path of your interests, chase your passions, test your capabilities, fulfil your desires and leave a better world for your next generations can be the way to live life. Desiring international standards across the breadth of country is futile.

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