Friday, April 23, 2010

Euphoria is bad, Depression is good :)- As leading indicators

Figure: Sentiment cycle of an Investor

One of my humble opinions (OMHO) is that "Pursuit is life"- which can be seen as a timeline to seek answers to the questions that interests us. These answers or insights originate from first hand or borrowed experiences. The questions and experiences remain interesting as long as what we do and whom we are with remain interesting.

Wearing another hat (WAH) -Pursuit may be driven by fear which is driven by the need to survive instead of being driven by interests. It is also limited by capability of the person and systems of the world.

In the Big Picture (ITBP), which of the sentiment from the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is driving is (less important) < than the awareness about the sentiment and the ability to drive the driver.

Moving to the central point (MCP), the image intrigues me - specifically the denial, panic, despondency and the relief sentiments- people may not clearly identify these transitory sentiments.

Money drives the world except for a penny population. The same or a modified sentiment cycle can also manifest in pursuit of other goals/answers/experiences.

Go drive the drivers.

Anuj Lakhotia

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